Agnieszka Syroka.

I am a Tour Leader (License no.1650), Tour Guide in the Tri-City (Gdansk, Sopot, Gdynia) and near vicinities (License no. 737). I am also a guide in the Malbork Castle Museum, as well as in the Nikolaus Copernicus Museum and around the Cathedral Hill in Frombork.

I guide organized groups as well as individual tourists.

I offer a complex organization of stays.

I cooperate with tourist offices, tour operators, as well as with tourist agencies.
Fascinating trip through Gdansk's more than a 1000 years old history
Gothic – brick architecture, where one can get familiarized with hand made bricks.
Gdansk’s Royal Route – tempting with interesting museums and revealing the spirit of the biggest port town in the Polish United Kingdom in the 16th century
Unforgettable concert in the Oliwa Cathedral
A walk along the wooden pier in Sopot
Wind from the sea in Gdynia – which became an architectural phenomenon of the 2nd Republic of Poland,
History of the Dutch Mennonites in the Lowlands, on the way to the biggest brick castle in the world – the capital of the Teutonic State in Malbork, Where still sometimes the presence of the Grand Master Winrych von Kniprode can be felt.
Cathedral Hill in Frombork, towering over the Vistula Bay, and inviting to visit the place where the Great Astronomer Nikolaus Copernicus lived, worked and died. It is here that the sky is most beautiful in the world, and the stars seem to be right over our heads.
The history of places, the fate of the people, marvelous architecture, beautiful and rich landscapes, the „Gold of the Baltic – amber, fresh air.... those are only few reasons making worth visiting Pomerania.
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